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What is BitConnect?

BitConnect allow users to lend BitConnectCoin (BCC) to their platform itself with the added feature that it earns interest while you hold BCC in your wallet. This Proof-of-Stake system is paired with a Proof-of-Work mining platform for a hybrid currency that offers the best of both worlds.

BitConnectCoin (BCC) is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on investment.

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Steps in buying BitConnect


  1. Register account in BitConnect.co  [please put Akosirajey on your sponsor 😉 I will  give back 100% commission on your first (1st) lend! (yes, the full 7% bonus)]
  2. Once done, you need to deposit BitCoin(BTC). (Simply Click on “Green Button” to get your BitCoin deposit address). It can take around 30 minutes or more time depending on bitcoin network so do not worry and wait patiently.
  3. Buy BitConnect Coin from BCC Exchange. visit BCC trading page: https://bitconnect.co/user/trade?Market=BCC Simply Fill in buy BitConnect Coin (BCC) form for your desired price and click “Buy BitConnect Coin” Button.
  4. Lend BCC from BitConnect Wallet. Go to your user Dashboard and press the “lend BitConnect button”. The invest Bitconnect box will appear. Enter the amount you wish to lend or invest in USD. (you can only lend amount divisible by $10)bcc2.png(Note: Volatility software offers a variable interest as per bitcoin market fluctuations)
  5. After you have read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, check the small box.
  6. You may now choose to “pay from a BitConnect wallet” using the buttons on the bottom of your screen.
  7. Once you have click to pay from a BitConnect wallet, a confirmation box will appear. Hit the “confirm button”.
  8. You will see confirmation message, stating “payment completed.” You did it! The transaction is completed.


Q. What can I do with my interest? What can I do with BitConnect?

A. You can reinvest your returns back into the lending platform or you can transfer your USD wallet balance to receive BitConnect coin at the current market price.

Q. What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can withdraw and what are the fees?

A. The minimum amount of Bitcoin you can withdraw from your Bitcoin Wallet is 0.005 BTC. BitConnect charges a fixed amount of 0.0004 BTC for all your withdrawal transactions.

Q. After completion of my lending contract, would I get back USD or BitConnect?

A. You will receive USD back into your lending wallet

Q. How long does it take to receive my lending interest into my account and how much can I expect?

A. You will receive payments every 24 hours after your lending transaction has been approved. The interest rate that you earn daily is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software.

Q. Can I send Bitcoin to my BitConnect address?

A. No, as they are different Digital currencies on separate Blockchains. As such each Currency has its own designated wallet.

Q. Where can I buy Bitcoin?

A. Bitcoin can be purchased online from a Bitcoin exchange, Coins.ph is a popular exchange with reasonable fees.

Q. I usually get a daily profit from lending but why there is no interest payment received today?

A. The daily profit is not guaranteed. The interest rate that you earn daily using our investment platform is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily.

Q. Why do I have a negative balance in my Bitcoin/BitConnect wallet?

A. When you send bitcoin/bitconnect to another wallet, a small fee is required to paid to the blockchain.


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